Highest quality services and products that ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Swiss Rotor Services AG was founded with the purpose of offering services and products for the helicopter industry.

VisionSwiss Rotor Services AG will enable enterprises to attain maximum efficiency and safety in operation by providing high competence, professionalism and innovative helicopter products.

Helikopter Piloten Services Dienstleistungen, Technical Services Expertise AviatikThe uniqueness of Swiss Rotor Services AG are high quality products and experts , with highest degrees of reliability, professionalism, perfection and safety.

Company, Uniqueness: The first-hand experience of our experts and Feedbacks from pilots are directly incorporated in the product development, ensuring many benefits for the operator and his customers

Swiss Rotor Services AG does not operate own helicopters. We provide services to helicopter companies.

Swiss Rotor Services AG focuses on their specific expertise “helicopter”. Swiss Rotor Services AG does not operate its own helicopters. We see ourselves as a service provider for commercial helicopter companies. In this market, we pursue the following two-pronged strategy: