Pilots for Operators

The first-hand experience of our pilots and experts is directly incorporated in the product development, ensuring many benefits for the operator and his customers.

MAXIMUM PILOT VIEW KIT for perfect visibility

Our Maximum Pilot View Kit provides unrestricted pilot view to the most important mission sectors for all H125/AS350 helicopters. Factor 10 visibility improvement! The MPVK revolutionizes pilot visibility and operational safety!

SMART PILOT VIEW KIT for enhanced visibility

Our Smart Pilot View Kit provides significantly enhanced pilot visibility – maximised view retaining the original pilot door – to the most important mission sectors for all H125/AS350 helicopters. Factor 6.25 visibility improvement 50 meters above ground! The SPVK for enhanced pilot visibility and operational safety!

CMS (Cargo Mirror Set) for AS350/H125 Helicopters

The external rear view mirror kit is designed and tested to ensure maximum visibility to pilots and light installation. The structure is optimized for the flight loads and vibrations in order to offer stable visibility.
RH CMS available. LH version in development.

Long-Line Equipment for small and large helicopters

Swiss Rotor Services AG offers only products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. For example, our Cargo Hook is the world’s only product in its category, with a CE type certificate.
Our product overview offers a unique selection of products with attractive and explanatory pictures and movies. The range is constantly updated and expanded with innovative products.

Useful helicopter tools



The CCP (cargo compartment protection)

protects the cargo compartment from damage



The CPSB (collective protection and storage box)

protects the collective from influences of the fond-passengers and provides useful storage space between the front-seats.



Tablet support

is designed to offer stable positioning of tablets and screens for cabin crew. The Aeronautical grade  Aluminum, the quality of the production and the state of the art design ensure strength and absence of vibration, together with adjustability and no interference with other systems and controls in the cabin.

This support has been developed together with the pilots and for the pilots. The kit is studied to be cost effective for every operator. The kit is certified under EASA rules as Minor Change.

Professional flight training simulator AS350/H125 with included Maximum Pilot View Kit from Loft Dynamics, Switzerland

Helicopter external sling load operation training. Improving flight safety and training efficiency.

Developed and distributed by Loft Dynamics 

Boost Systems’ Airbus AS350 & AS355 Human External Cargo dual hook system is designed & developed to transport more people with enhanced safety, flexibility & capacity.

HEC Systems are fully certified with STC Approvals from the FAA, TCCA, EASA, ANAC and CAAC

Designed, certified and sold by BOOST Human External Cargo Systems


SPVK - Smart Pilot View Kit