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What's the VNE?

145kts up to 3’000 ft MSL. Above 3’000ft according RFM (143 kts 4’000 ft /140 kts at 5’000ft.

What's the decrease in cruising speed?

No measurable differences have been shown before & after the installation. Mark that the design does not allow the airflow to stall.

What does the rain gutter, mountet on the very lower part of the door, help for?

It prevents rain drops to glide down to the lower window in order to not disturb the vertical visibility; works in light rain.

Is it a vertical floor window or just a hole for the vertical visibility?

It is just a hole to avoid sun reflextion by viewing thru two glases. The outer glass is planned to be removable in order.

How do I prevent passengers to step in the vertical window?

Two possibilities exist in order to prevent PAX to step in the hole; 1st a full side ,step-in-board’ which closes the lower window completely; weight up to 300kg/660lb are allowed to step on. 2nd; as an option, you can order a small ,step-in-board’, which closes only about the rear 30% of the hole; fold and unfold possible by the pilot.

How do you make sure that the lower window is not fogged at high humidity days?

The standard heating tube below the pilot seat has been turned to the right; allowing the pilot to blow hot air thru a wide vent direct in the lower window. The hot air then moves upwards to unfog the RH door window and heat the cabin.

Is the vertical window removable in order to have direct sight to the load without viewing through a glas?

Work is in progress to achieve the removal of the outer glass by quick release screws. No sun deflections and agreeable temperatures and ventilation at hot OAT will be the result. Glass can be stowed in the side cargo-hold.

By what reason you call the MPVK a hugh safety increase?

By providing the pilot a big vertical visibility, he’s eyes can cover more reference points (Reference points are required to hold the helicopter stable without instruments). Furthermore the pilot has a much bigger field of awareness; obstacles, loose goods and other dangerous subjects are recognized instead of being hidden. And long horizontal loads are now visible.

What about helmet freedom by flying vertical reference?

The new door provides 25mm/1inche more helmet freedom compared to the standard door.

Why does a European Insurance company lower the comprehensive insurance by 15% when I have the MPVK installed?

They recognized the huge increase in safety by providing the pilot unobstructed view to the RH and vertical.

How shall I payback the investment?

By avoiding incidents & accidents because of the high visibility. Safe Insurance costs ($ 6’000/year); Increased value of your helicopter, payed back by selling the helicopter; get more contracts by customers interested in increased safety.

Does a SB for deinstallation of the Kit exist when I want to sale my helicopter?

Work is in progress; expected to be available end of 2017. Remark: Used helicopter market is very interested to find AS350’s with MPVK installed.